Dedicated to the Youth of the World

Video, b/w, sound, 2’ 26’’

The title of the film is taken from Leni’s Riefenstahl Olympia slogan which appears at the beginning of her documentary. Video-essay mix multiple narratives of 20th-century ideologies. Nazi central philosopher Alfred Rosenberg matches together with the icon of American democracy – poet Walt Whitman. Nietzsche follows the official soviet voiceover. The ideas of youth are wrapped into fashion brand style that mimics early soviet aesthetics.

Screening of Dedicated to the Youth of the World, 2017
Intro: The Maze and The Lighthouse, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2020
Photo: Andrej Vasilenko

Directed and filmed by
Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Khimei 

Lera Luchenko
Christina Vlasenko
Yevhenia Konyukh

Production manager
Tetiana Monakhova

Ksenia Vinohradova

Dmitri Shostakovich – “Symphony No 5: Adagio”
Oleksandr Kozarenko – “Piero mertvopetliuie”

Vadym Khudoliy

Production assistant
Viktor Korchynskyi

Graphic design
Vlad Dmytriv

Casting by 
Cat-b agency

Commissioned by
Yulia Yefimtchuk+

Special thanks to 
National Museum of Ukrainian History