Installation view: New City of Friends, 2021
New City of Friends solo exhibition, Shcherbenko Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021
Photo: Maksym Bilousov


New City of Friends

short film, video, color, sound, 9’

The town of Kolomyia emerges in the film through the eclecticism of modern urban planning. The destruction of the Austrian barracks built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire is accompanied by the preservation of its valuable bricks by the builders.

Local teenager Maksym’s fully improvised excursion to the families of the neighborhood connects unconnected areas of the town and surroundings and reveals contemporary cityscape of the town.

Directed and filmed by
Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Khimei 

Tour participants

Mariana Kodina
Andrii Malashchuk
Sofiia Mandrusiak
Zlatoslava Halaichuk
Arsen Romanchuk
Yana Kurlishchuk
Zakhar Kurlishchuk 

Official guide’s voice

Mykhailo Barnych

Sound technician
Andrii Nidzelskyi

Vadym Khudoliy

Production assistant

Sofiia Mandrusiak

Graphic design
Ostap Yashchuk

Special thanks to
Mariana Kodina

Сreated with the support of
Shcherbenko Art Centre